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Running a business costs money. In addition to the time we put in writing articles and reviewing products, we have to purchase web hosting, software, accounting services, legal advice, and in most cases we purchase the products we recommend ourselves.

We do not receive free products or get paid to “write reviews” or sponsor products by the manufacturers. In the rare case, we would or do receive a test item, we fully disclose it in our review.

We write the reviews as we see fit and based on our experience with an item. We don’t review a product unless we have full editorial control over what we say. Manufacturers must accept that we will share both pros and cons of an item before sending it to us.

To help cover our costs, we link to many of the products we review or mention on our website. You are never obligated to purchase products through our links, but when you do, you help keep this site free by covering our expenses.

Affiliate links

In some instances, we may include affiliate links in posts where we recommend specific products that we have reviewed.

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