Garageandgadgets.com is the passion project of recent retirees, Alan Davis and Christopher Simmons.

Alan and Christopher are neighbors and have become close friends over the years. Both had been talking about doing something ‘part-time’ to supplement their income after retirement. After dozens of different business ideas, Christopher and Alan decided to take a blend of both their skills, and build a website where they could share their experiences.

Thus, garageandgadgets.com was born.

Their hope is to help others, like you, dream, build and organize your ultimate garage.

Alan Davis

Alan Davis is the principal owner of garageandgadgets.com and has spent several years building custom garages. In 2019, Alan sold his business and retired.

Looking for something part-time to do, Alan has decided to build this site to share his experience with custom garage design. His mission is to help you turn a messy, cluttered garage into a highly functional, and organized space.

Christopher Simmons

Christopher Simmons is a retired mechanic and enjoys spending his spare time restoring a 1970 Ford Mustang. Christopher is a tool geek and is our primary reviewer when it comes to tools. In his spare time, he and his wife spend time gardening and spoiling their grandson.

Becky Simmons is one of our staff writers and resident organization specialist. She has is a former nurse, former stay-at-home mom, and now spends her free time watching her grandson through the week.

Becky has lots of experience with home organization and keeping Christopher from coming home with more auto parts or worse, another classic car.

Victor Rae is one of our staff writers and product reviewer. He has experience working in the home remodeling and construction business. He is also the most technical of us, and helps maintain this site.

Victor periodically worked with Alan from 2014 to 2019 during some of the garage build-outs.